CSS Day 2023

Reflections from an inspired CSS girl.

About a year ago I wrote an article and held a talk at a meet up in Gothenburg about what’s new in CSS. In that article I also wrote that CSS is what makes the web interesting. You might not agree with me, I’m not really objective in this matter, but fact is that CSS is moving really fast right now.

That became very clear to me these last couple of days when I attended CSS day 2023 in Amsterdam. Two whole days with just talks about CSS by my role models in the industry. Like a dream, right!?

CSS day 2023 Amsterdam

During these days we have gone thru container queries, :has, :is, scopes, tooling, how to build and design components in new ways of working with CSS and so much more. We have also looked at some really crazy stuff you can do with CSS, just for the fun of it. I came home last night, really inspired to dig deep into the stuff we have talked about. But also with a feeling of humbleness (is that even a word?) of how much there is to learn.

So what was the one most important takeaways from these two days? To me it was to create stuff out of curiosity and interest. It doesn’t have to be perfect before you can show it to the world. Make it for yourself and see where it will take you.

Get weird