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Good Vibes Only is owned by me, Jessica, and I work as a freelance front-end developer. I write about things I’ve experimented with and thoughts I like to share, focusing on creativity and CSS.

I have a love for CSS because it’s what makes the web look interesting and fun!

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Reflections after CSS DAY 2024

This week, I attended CSS DAY Conference in Amsterdam for the second time. Last year, there were so many new things on the CSS agenda that I went home feeling both inspired and humbled. This year, I wasn't sure what to expect.

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A few trix with modern CSS

This week, I'm diving deep into the help we can get from the new CSS features we've gained in recent years. I mean, who doesn't want assistance in optimizing our code?

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Console friends and family

I know you always ship excellent code, but let’s use our imagination and think of a scenario where things go really bad and you find a tricky bug in your JavaScript code. What do you do? You start debugging. Typically, you set breakpoints or use our old friend ‘console.log()’. But did you know ‘console.log()’ has some quite smart siblings as well?

console.table(["CSS", "HTML", "typescript", "javascript"]);

‘console.table()’ takes an array or object and logs the data as a table, with one element or property on each row. ‘console.dir()’ on the other hand displays a list of the properties and their values in the given object. The last one is ‘console.count()’, and can be placed in a function to keep track of how many times that particulary function has been called.

Using these can make your debugging process much smoother, try it!

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