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Good Vibes Only is owned by me, Jessica, and I work as a freelance front-end developer. I write about things I’ve experimented with and thoughts I like to share, focusing on creativity and CSS.

I have a love for CSS because it’s what makes the web look interesting and fun!

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Fatigued or just tired?

The week before my summer holiday, I had a sunny lunch with my colleagues. One of them brought up an interesting point, there’s not just one way to be tired — there are many! We all laughed and told him he should write a book on the topic, but the thought stuck with me.

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Reflections after CSS DAY 2024

This week, I attended CSS DAY Conference in Amsterdam for the second time. Last year, there were so many new things on the CSS agenda that I went home feeling both inspired and humbled. This year, I wasn't sure what to expect.

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Vertically align block children?

I don’t know how many ways we’ve tried to center children in a parent element. But guess what? We now have another method that can help us vertically align all the good stuff inside. This one works without needing to use flexbox or grid. Just take a block element and use ‘align-content’.

.container {
  align-content: center;

You can also use keywords like ‘start’ and ‘end’ as well. What a one-liner, right?

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