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Good Vibes Only is owned by me, Jessica, and I work as a freelance front-end developer. I write about things I’ve experimented with and thoughts I like to share, focusing on creativity and CSS.

I have a love for CSS because it’s what makes the web look interesting and fun!

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The superpower every developer needs

In every job advertisement in the market, there's a superset of skills we aim to match. A whole bunch of tech references and frameworks. So, which one of them is the most important to have as a superpower? None, if you ask me.

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New ways with math functions

Meet the friends min(), max(), and clamp(). Three less used properties that can make your coding life easier.

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Ever copy-paste?

You know how we often find ourselves double or triple clicking, and then clicking again because we didn’t get it right, just to highlight a piece of text for copy-pasting? Do you also know we can help our users to do this? This little trick can make it so much easier.

p {
  user-select: all;

This single line of code makes all the text within the ‘p’ element highlight with just one click, allowing to copy right away. ‘user-select’ can be applied to different elements such as ‘p’ or ‘span’, or even to a parent if it makes sense to easily select a longer piece of information for copying.

Neat, right!?

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