A guide I wish I had

A terminal guide I wish I had when I first started.

I’m not that girl who grew up building user interfaces or graphical games. I’m not even that girl who read computer science in school. I’m that girl that after my first child, started to study to be a developer. And when I started, I had never written even one line of code.

Even more so I had never opened the terminal on the computer I had. Why should I? I was littery fresh on everything.

Since then I have written lots of code and can use the terminal as well, don’t worry. But I read this today and I start thinking of when I started.

Josh Comeau has written an article about the terminal and some neat tips and tricks, that I really wish I had then. It would have made stuff easier.

If you’re just getting started this can maybe help on the road forward.

This is me trying to spread a good vibe of helping some one else.